Boudoir comes from the French language and its defined as: “a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room” which is why Boudoir Photography usually takes place in an intimate setting to create, artistic images that can be romantic, sensual, decadent, or sexy. The main goal is to make sure you are comfortable, and relax to be yourself and capture your beauty in the most flattering way by guiding you to poses that complement your specific body type. Every woman is beautiful in her own special way.

  • Why do a Boudoir Session:
  • To surprise a special someone, bc he deserves a UNIQUE & PERSONAL gift.
  • To bring out your inner glam goddess, bc you look amazing TODAY.
  • To give yourself a treat that captures your beauty forever, bc you DESERVE it.
  • To add a bit of spice to your marriage, bc your hubby should still be SURPRISE by you.
  • To have a reference point of what you want your body to look like, bc BABY plans are in the works.
  • To CELEBRATE been a woman, bc there is no size, weight, height or experience limitations.


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“Being that today is Tuesday, it seems like the perfect opportunity to share my #TestimonialTuesday. I had the pleasure of working with the Divas for a boudoir shoot. This was my first time doing anything so daring but man am I glad I did. From the beginning stages of thinking about doing it, the Divas were very helpful in guiding me in the decision process. Once I had made it up in my mind to do the shoot, they were very helpful in their advice on wardrobe, accessories, hair, and makeup. Upon arriving to the studio, I was both nervous and excited. They welcomed me in with a nice glass of champagne and we’re very hospitable. They made me feel at ease and very comfortable. The entire process was amazing but what truly amazed me is the positive energy they bought to the shoot. I felt so empowered, so liberated, and dare I say it…sexy as hell! I left the shoot seeing every single positive thing about myself. Not at all thinking about the fact that I haven’t made my weight loss goal, or that I had McDonald’s for lunch. LOL! I seriously couldn’t wipe the silly grin off my face for the entire weekend. The level of professionalism and down to earth nature of these ladies made me feel like I have known them for years. I can say with certainty that this will not be my last session with the Divas. Thanks ladies for bringing out my inner diva and capturing the most amazing pictures ever.” Kendalyn Staten Gordon

“I am sooo glad we’ve met. You’ve literally changed my life. I would never be the strong confident woman that I am evolving into. Before I met you, I barely made eye contact with anyone. My self esteem was exceptionally low and I always had this quiet dream of being photographed and seeing the beauty that I knew had to be in there somewhere. When I met you, seeing you as a mother daughter team, much like I am with my mom, gave me such hope. That I literally took off all my clothes and never looked back. You’ve found that woman that I suspect existed but had never actually seen her. And you’ve emphasized her strengths. You’ve emphasized her resilience and you’ve found her beauty. I now love and embrace my curves and that’s something I never did before. I can’t thank you enough for being in my life and I look forward to a life time of photographs.” Amanda

“I simply cannot say enough good things about the lovely ladies of Studio Heart, but I’m going to try.  My recent boudoir photo shoot with them was a wonderful experience in every way.  When I arrived and met this amazing mother-daughter team for the first time, they immediately made me feel at ease.  I had never done a shoot like this before and was a bit nervous at first, but that quickly faded thanks to their friendliness and encouragement.
The sets were very well designed and further helped me to get into the right state of mind.  During the shoot, their attention to detail was impressive.  The ladies of Studio Heart have a talent for highlighting and capturing beauty.
Lighting and positioning were very well thought out and carefully orchestrated to yield stunning results.
I am absolutely in love with all the pictures from my boudoir photo shoot with Studio Heart.  I had them made into a book as a gift for my husband, and he was speechless when he saw it.  Once he could form words again, he said that the only thing that he didn’t like about it was that he could never ever match a gift like that.  It was as much a gift for me as it was for him though.  I enjoyed the whole experience and really look forward to doing it again.” Melissa Mangett Damelio

“This is the first professional shoot like this I have done. I am also at my highest weight and was very concerned going in. These women are incredible, extremely professional and very empowering. Not only was I comfortable, I had a lot of fun (which is something I never imagined). Thank you!” Patricia Liedy 

“Thanks very much you truly made me feel comfortable and sexy. I truly appreciated your professionalism and genuine interest in making this session special for me. You definitely will be on my list of recommendations.” Marcelle

“Boudoir is something I never thought I would do. However, I wanted to do something special for my fiancé and thought I would step out of my comfort zone. I have never been confident and comfortable with my body, but doing this photo shoot allowed me to gain some of that confidence that I lacked. Studio Heart Divas did a wonderful job at making me feel sexy and beautiful. I had so much fun doing this photo shoot and loved the outcome-I hope my fiancé does too! I look forward to possibly doing another boudoir photo shoot in the future!” Heather Pitts

“The face of 39.5.. my first round of pics from the beautiful  Divas . I never felt attractive. I’ve always been told my skin is too fair, I’m too fat, my nose is huge, my knees are ugly and I have a gigantic jaw (middle school was the worst).. I’ve always been afraid of the camera and it showed. With the help of these ladies and their company, I was able to see past all that. If you look into my eyes you can see the tears starting to form. I had never felt beautiful until I met these ladies. I’ve faked confidence about my body for years.. I’ve always wanted to be a petite teeny tiny little tan skinned girl with brown eyes and yet I’m not. Now, as I look at all of these photos, I realize that at becoming 41 in a month, I have finally found me. Thank you Yanet and Candelaria for helping me find my inner voice and for releasing the tall awkward fair skinned freckled little girl that has lived inside of me and for morphing her into the confident woman that I’ve always wanted to be. Your friendship and eye of the camera mean the world to me.” Amanda Bauman

“I absolutely love the pictures and would definitely do the Boudoir Shoot again! I actually surprised Zach with his own “Little Black Book” album with all the photos from the session and he was in shock! He loves them so much and he says the burlesque back and white one is probably his favorite! I had a great time setting everything up and you ladies are awesome!” Hannah Lovins

“I am wife, mother,  a nurse and very modest to say the least. Studio heart made me feel like a confident, elegant, diva  during my boudoir photography session.  I love how they were professional but personal, skillful but fun! Their creative artistry and warm approach made my it easy for me to bring it for the camera! This was the perfect gift for me and my hubby! I can go on and on. .. Thank you Studio Heart!” Tomia Coogle-Williams

“The idea of a boudoir photo shoot seemed intimidating at first, I’m not comfortable with photos at all, but I wanted to do this for my fiance as a wedding present. I had the best experience with Studio Heart – you made me feel so comfortable during the shoot that I was able to really get into it and have a good time. The photos were amazing, I couldn’t have imagined them turning out better. I almost cried when I saw them, I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life, and I’m so excited to show these to my fiance. You really helped me see me the way he does, and I’m so thankful for that!” Ashley

“I cannot tell you how much I love the pictures. Seriously, I started crying when I saw them! You guys are, without a doubt, the BEST photographers I’ve ever worked with! I can’t wait to blog about my experience, and you guys, on my wedding blog!!! So many great ones to choose from!!!” Ebonee

“Wow, yall did a fabulous job! The photos look great. Thanks again for the great work! Wow!” Alexis