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“Who are you? What is your story? Where are you in your journey in life? The answers to those questions are what what gets our imagination gears turning with every unique experience we create. Established in 2004 we are a mother/daughter team dedicated to planning & designing events that tell a story ... Your Story. Translating that story into a visual experience that hits all the senses and communicates all those little nuances that make you YOU is what our team passionately goes after with every event we produce. We are creative, intense, dedicated, hands-on and obsesive about every detail.  On a more personal note, Fashion, cooking, traveling and spending time with friends is what keeps our spirits full. So now that you know a little bit about what we do and who we are we can officially say: Welcome to our little corner of the net. Read more about Studio Heart in the INSIDE SCOOP or about what we do in SERVICES and as one of our clients says: "Get ready for some relentless passion coming your way" We can't wait to tell your story!