Crystal Green Modern Wedding Extravaganza | AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM

This love story was a lifetime in the making. Tasha & Joseph met over 20 years ago and had a baby boy together. Eventually, they went their separate way and had kids and relationships. After more than 20 decades they reconnected and found that the little spark that first attracted them to each other was still alive and felt in love all over again. Their day was full of romance, glam, and luxury with a fresh infusion of Tasha’s all time favorite color Green. The result was a timeless yet modern wedding design that brought to life all the joy these two felt in choosing to spend the rest of their lives together. A Custom Save-the-Ring and a modern laser cut invitation accented with a diamond brooch were the keys sent to each guest to bring them to an evening full of extravagant flowers, custom made lighted sculptures, intimate candlelight and a lot of love and fun which made this an extra special day for these two. Personalized champagne bottle and sweet treats made each guest feel like a pampered celebrity even after they got home #FinallyFrazier



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