The Studio Heart ladies were phenomenal! They made an otherwise very stressful experience feel like a breeze. As the bride living 6.5 hours away from my nearest family and friends; I was worried about not having adequate support. This was a non-issue with Studio Heart. They met with me for fittings, gave amazing input on our vision, and quite literally held my hand in times of stress and doubt. They became my surrogate family. They traveled up to our venue multiple times and acted as a liaison with all of our venders so that we could focus on our full-time jobs. I am truly thankful that I had Studio Heart to support me and my husband in the year leading up to our wedding and on the BIG DAY itself. I cannot imagine planning my wedding with anybody else. #StudioHeart #FiftyShadesofGray


Brittany & Warren Gray

rave reviews

These two women, mother and daughter are the most creative and talented people in the wedding event and design industry. It is just amazing how they can take your story and have your vision for your special day come to life. We are truly indebted to our forever friends for making our wedding day one we will never forget.


Germaine & Lamar Kirkland

What a great duo these two are! I can’t say thank you enough for the graduation surprise party that you helped me throw for my daughter. We wanted to do something that was unique to London and these ladies hit it out of the park. You ladies listened to what we wanted and was able to put it into action. Again thank you for allowing me to enjoy this day and not stress over the little details.


Cindy Weier

My first encounter with Studio Heart was several years ago after they designed my daughters preschool teacher’s wedding. Her wedding was beautiful. She highly recommended them. I knew I wanted our wedding to be different, something that wasn’t duplicated numerous times. Also, we wanted it to scream Dana and Chris. We love to have Fun and wanted our wedding to be just that. After the first meeting, we knew we had made the best decision. From month to month over the year of planning was very exciting. We witnessed each glamorous and extravagant piece unfold from engagement photo shoot, save the dates, invitations, wedding ceremony, and reception creating an unbelievable masterpiece. We are forever grateful to Studio Heart for making the most memorable day of our lives beyond spectacular. They are more than our event planners, we consider them family.


Dana and Chris Jones

I have been to weddings and events by the “dynamic duo” of Studio Heart and know their work well. They have endless energy and creativity to make any special event a success. As excellent photographers, you can rely on them to capture the memories with skill. Their talents are not limited to weddings. Want to throw a fantastic party? Let them help! There are many photographers and event planners around, but none better than the Heart!


Michael Ramage, Father of the Bride

Studio Heart’s attention to detail and personal touches helped make our wedding everything we wanted and more. They created a gallery style photo exhibit that showcased our family history and friends. The black and white images were artfully displayed during our cocktail hour- it was a huge hit with our guests! This was just one of the many ways they brought our ideas to life on our special day


Julie & Greg Dudley

This duo is unlike any other. They make you feel comfortable, and are ready to make your dreams come true with their sophisticated style and passion, for not only photography, but planning any event. They can transform any venue into a wonderful masterpiece of a 50s chic layout to a red carpet glam wedding. I was very pleased with their work and will be using these ladies again in the near future. Thank you for doing a fantastic job and keep up the good work!

Caitlyn Victoria

I have known the masterminds of Studio Heart, Yanet and Candi, for several years. The minute I met them, I noticed something different than most people in the wedding or events industry. They weren’t just there to do a business and move on, but were there to get to know my husband and I as people, our visualization for what we dreamed off and put love into their work. I couldn’t even vocalize exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted my wedding to have a Tuscan theme, but wasn’t sure how to make the image in my mind translate to real life. Yanet and Candi took my thoughts and made it better than my wildest dream! I still look at my wedding pictures and think it’s the most beautiful reception setup I’ve ever seen!

Beyond their amazing abilities for design and photography is their heart. They are like family to me. In fact I refer to Yanet as my sister. I met her for business, but I left with an adopted sister and mom. They care about people, not just the business and that’s what sets them apart from anyone I’ve ever worked with. We love them and can’t imagine our wedding without them there to make our dream come true!

Rebecca & Adam Cambria


Well I got home and my package was on the front porch! I couldn't get the box open fast enough... THEY ARE AWESOME GUYS!! Thank yawl so much. I couldn't have picked a better pair of beautiful ladies to be in charge of my day!!! — feeling excited.

Monique Clark

Thank you Studio Heart for making my dreams come true. You made my reception have the “WOW FACTOR” that I wanted and so much more. Everyone said that it was so “BEAUTIFUL” and that they had never been to a reception as awesome as mine. Again “THANK YOU” for such a awesome time!!!!!

Keisha & Laclarence Mays

Words can’t express the job that these ladies did for me and my wife. They over achieved what I expected and I would recommend them to anybody planning any type of event.


Shareda & Tae Safford

Perfect Planners, Perfect Passion, Perfect Pair, Perfect Day!!! Finding the perfect wedding planner can be both exciting and stressful. From the moment we met the Diva’s of Studio Heart, the stress went out the window and the EXCITEMENT began!! These ladies are completely professional, reassuring, detail oriented and above all, organized!! Every girl dreams of one day having the perfect wedding, and I can truly say they made those dreams come true!! I could not imagine my big day without them!! Meeting with the ladies monthly, was the one of the most exciting parts of the planning process!! Month after month they shared jaw-dropping details that swept us off our feet!! From our custom design, save the tags, invites, engagement shoot, etc… They never let us down!! Working with these ladies was one of the best decision we could have made. Not only did they provide us with a lifetime of memories, they provided us lifelong friendship!!!

Forever grateful, Katorri & Robert James

From the first day we met with Studio Heart and discussed our vision for our wedding we were impressed with their attention to detail and the warm and engaging atmosphere they set. The design of our custom logo for our wedding and the creation of beautifully artistic invitations set the tone for what became the best day of our lives. The team took care of all of our issues and assisted us with making the best decisions for our budget and our guests. We truly enjoyed feeling like supermodels on our engagement photo shoot and at our bridal sessions.

The final design and layout of our ceremony and reception was amazing. Our guests are still talking about our wedding almost 2 years later. We had such a wonderful experience working with them and not only did we bond over wedding details but we also made great friends for life. We are so grateful for this team because they helped us make our dreams and vision come to life on our special day.

Nedra & Henry Williams

My husband and I found Studio Heart through Facebook. They had done a wedding for someone that I went to college with. We were really impressed with how every thing was customized from the invitations to the wedding design for the ceremony and reception. We knew that our wedding design would be ours and only ours. At the time my husband and I were both college students so we didn’t have a big budget for our wedding. They were flexible and offered many options so we didn’t have to spare any expense for our wedding. I loved how we were able to give our ideas for what we wanted for the wedding and they were able to execute everything that we wanted. Our wedding was everything that we could have dreamed of and more. Everything was Amazing. They made planning our event very stress free. The day of our wedding was perfect. I felt relaxed and comfortable with everything they had done. Everything was perfect. We still get compliments about how beautiful our wedding was. I would recommend anyone planning a special event to go with the ladies of Studio Heart.


Dontavius & Ciera Barney

We were referred to the Studio Heart ladies through my mom who had previously attended a wedding they planned. After meeting with several planners, it was something them that was different and we wanted them to handle one of the most important days of our lives.

This team took our “Coral and Gray – Elegant Night” to a completely different level. They came up with a great theme that turned into an amazing transformation of our venue. Throughout the wedding planning process they were readily available to answer the millions of questions we had. They also provided their opinions from everything pertaining to the wedding attire, wedding time, unity sand, wedding flow, vendors, anything wedding!! They also came to appointments and handled the vendor’s questions. More importantly, they took the time to get to know us. We felt as though they wanted to know about us, not because they were planning our wedding, but because this was a relationship that a beginning of a friendship.

During the beginning stages of the planning, I lost my grandfather and there were things the ladies needed me to complete. After hearing of the loss of my grandfather, they didn’t pressure me to complete my tasks, they were very patient and provided words of encouragement. Knowing that I wanted my grandfather to walk me down the aisle, the ladies provide me with ways to still incorporate my “Pope” into the day. If I didn’t know it before, we weren’t another wedding they were planning –we were people they genuinely cared about, we were friends.

These two handled everything exceptional well. At one point during the reception, I saw them serving plates to the guest, while still making sure the wedding party was ok. We went into our wedding day without a single worry. We knew the details of the wedding were in two capable hands. We received so many compliments on our wedding, even eight months later. These two are absolutely amazing! If you’re looking for a one of a kind event, which people have never seen before, that has a WOW factor – two words – Studio Heart.

Myah & Joseph Morgan

Jenny initially found Studio Heart through a word of mouth recommendation. We met with them shortly thereafter, and couldn’t be happier with the design process leading up to our wedding day. Their creativity in designing themes that are personal, unique and beautiful is truly impressive. These lovely ladies brought our Alice in Wonderland theme to life in a way we could not have imagined early on. Multiple people said it was one of the most unique weddings they had every attended. We continue to be so proud of our day, and so happy to have found them.

Jenny & Louis Macias

“Highly recommended! This team works magic and makes your fairy tales come to life. Not only do they make them come to life but they also do a fantastic job in capturing the specials moments that you can cherish forever! When I had my son, he came into my world as an angel and changed my life forever. I wanted to make his first birthday party one to remember. Because of this team, I will never forget how they made my dream birthday for him come to life. And captured special memories that I will be able to look back on years from now. Thank you guys, I am forever grateful and will be looking forward to utilizing your services in the future.”

Tasha Barney

I meet these two beautiful women three months before my 40th Birthday. Told them a few things I was looking for. And they came up with the most Glamorous and brilliant ideas party that I will remember for the rest of my life. They made my dreams come true. I’ve worked with them in business and I have never been disappointed. They always threw the Cancer Bash (zodiac sign) of the year for my mother and daughter that people are still talking about it today. They are such great host and party coordinators that you enjoy every second of your party without any hassle they take on everything and they it so well.

Tasha Screen

On July 13, 2013, our fairy tale wedding came true. Selecting Studio Heart as our Wedding Planners was one the best decisions we have ever made. The theme that was created for Karl and I was very unique and one of a kind, All Star Fete”. They were able to zero in our vision and then take it beyond our wildest dreams. I never in a million years imagined basketball and a wedding together, but they created this extravagant event that still has all of my friends and family talking about it. Studio Heart did everything for us from beginning to end. The service was invaluable and truly exceeded our expectations. We were so grateful for their expert orchestration of our wedding planning and wedding day. Some of our favorite adjectives people have used to describe our wedding have included “perfect”, “elegant” “different”, “beautiful”.

If you want an extravagant wedding that feels effortless to pull together and in your budget, a wedding so incredible that one year later you are still getting compliments on how beautiful the wedding was. Employees at the venue, Florida State University Center, who host thousands of weddings, actually said “We’ve never seen something this beautiful and amazing before. I recommend them as your wedding planner, I promise your wedding day will be the most memorable day of your life.

Kalinda & Karl Knight

The ladies of Studio Heart have become a part of our family. They were there when we didn’t even know we wanted a wedding, they were there when we found out we were expecting, they were there when we (again) didn’t know we wanted to have pictures of our growing family, and they have been there ever since. We can’t imagine life without them, and we’d like to share our story of how they’ve enriched our lives.

When we met the ladies, Liz owned a bakery in Tallahassee. They had been sent her way, and worked together on a couple of projects. Liz went to Andre and mentioned their work to him. He wasn’t moved, because they had already decided that they weren’t going to have a “wedding”, so he didn’t see the point. Liz just wanted to “see what they can do”.

They met with us, talked to us, asked us questions and took our random answers. From that – they created what can only be described as the most perfectly unique, yet uniquely perfect wedding. Liz wanted to get married in her hometown of Miami, but we couldn’t afford it. They brought Miami to us. All of the classic glamour of 1920s Art Deco design elements surrounded us, from the logo, to the place cards. Unbelievable.

Midway through planning, Liz’s father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He was part of the reason we were having a wedding – she wanted him to walk me down the aisle. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to travel, we wanted to cancel the wedding. They weren’t having it. They worked with us to take the wedding to him. They found a location and asked us to trust them. We did, and things couldn’t be more perfect. (I am brought to tears every time I think of the time I walked into my reception hall. –Liz)

They did our maternity shoot with our first son, and came to dinner with us when he was 3 months old. These women are a cemented part of our family, and I can’t say enough amazing things about them. They are true talent, they have relentless passion, and are as beautiful inside as they are out. We would not trust anyone else to plan any special event for us, and we would ask you to trust them. You may not know you want them, but believe me, you do. And they’ll become a part of your family, too.

Liz & Andre Gillian|