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Studio Heart was created back in 2004 as a family business owned by creative Cuban mother/daughter duo Candelaria & Yanet Manzano. Born and rise in Cuba this dynamic duo immigrated to the US with their family in search of a better life in the mid 90s and started a long and dedicated path to find their dream. Little did they know they would find that beginning of that dream in the ashes of a fire. In the 1999, the day of Yanet’s 21st birthday they suffer a devastating fire that left the family in ruins. In order to recover they had a lot of help from the Red Cross and once recovered they wanted to give back to help other families in need; so they decided to create a fundraising event for the Red Cross at Florida State University where Yanet was attending college at the time.

Pulling from their art and crafts background, they decided to name the event “Like a Phoenix: Reborn from the Ashes” and combine an art exhibit depicting their journey from Cuba to the US up to that point and it also included cultural presentations and an edible art exhibit. The community loved the event and everyone kept saying you guys should do this for a living this is a great event done with heart. But neither mother or daughter though anything of it at the time.

About a year later disaster struck the family again and this time one of the worst flooding in Tallahassee claimed the house, one of their cars and just about every single possession they had. Once again the Red Cross came to the rescue and help the family get back on their feet. Once they had recovered they again wanted to give back to help other families and decided to do a second event named: “Like a Phoenix: Reborn from the Ashes Twice” This time the concept was bigger and in addition to an art exhibit and dance presentation they also created a fashion show and a music concert to be part of the efforts to collect funds. The event was a success the comments again came reminding both mother/daughter of a year before when people said you guys should do this for a living.

Deciding that God was trying to send a message and they didn’t need a tornado next to make it clear what their path was to be they set about on a journey to get to know and learn the Event world from the inside out. Having a background in artistic photography, graphic design and art they decided to start with photography as they gain experience and got to know this new and exciting world.

By 2004 they were successful enough to form Studio Heart and become full time event photographers. Their plan was to fully immerse themselves into the Business and gain hands on experience before expanding to what it would eventually become a full time Event Planning, Design and Photography Company.

In 2010 after 6 years of learning the ins and out and working full time in the industry  they felt ready to expand the business into Design and  Planning to bring their story telling and uniquely artistic perspective to their clients. Within a few months they had their first 6 weddings for planning and design and from there the company took off at full speed.

In 2011 at the peak of their trajectory, they suffered some healthy issues and a family breakup that left this artistic mother/daughter duo without some of their drive that had grown the company  in the previous years. For the next 5 years they reduced their schedule to a smaller number of projects and created some of their must elaborate and creative weddings and events while they took time to also find themselves both personally and creatively to refocus their life and their business.

In 2014 they slowly started to stretch back into a more business oriented period as their personal search journey started to come to and end and found themselves with renew drive and new interests like their pop-up dinner series were they got to explore wildly creative concepts to design and plan one of a kind dinner  that combined their talents for design and decor with local artist and chefs to create a perfect one of a kind experience. As they started to find their drive and passion again they decided in 2017 that it was time for a brand renewal representative of the new drive and energy they found in their art and Studio Heart expanded to become: Studio Heart – The Heart of Possibility. Since then their renewed creativity has driven their design into some of their must elaborate creations and continues to once again expand to other cities and states.

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