The first question after we introduced ourselves and share a conversation its usually WHY DIVAS? No we are not temperamental or haughty as the dictionary defines the word. In fact most people that know us would tell you we are always friendly, positive and embracing (we love to hug, just a heads up for when you meet us in person :) We love stories and we always lead with our hearts; but we are also the hosts of two very temperamental and demanding imaginations that constantly require trips to what we call our creative bubble where time does not exist and nothing is more important than been able to tell that story bursting to get out the right way. That resulting visual MUST make you feel something or that story will fade away and not create an impact. There is nothing more intoxicating to us than seen that emotion: laughter, tears, wonder, joy find its home with the stories we tell and seeing that story solidify into a memory for us personally or those we share it with.

Its not that we "WANT TO" create, its that we "HAVE TO" create. If you look up the dictionary it will tell you that Imagination is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. Our brains are constantly seeing the possibilities beyond reality whenever we hear a story or look at something. Creativity is the tool and Artistry is the skill that we use to let those possibilities manifest themselves into reality through what we create.

We are both dreamers and seekers. Creativity for us is not a 9-5 job its a life force that injects power into every area of our lives and defines our lifetyle. Its what makes us getup in the morning and what we go to bed thinking off. Its LIFE. The direction that takes, varies in form, but never in intensity. Letting our imagination be captured by that couple's story to create their perfect dream wedding, or that client to create the perfect shot that captures the essence of who they are, or that hat to create the perfect outfit to transport us back to the 1940s or that dish to delight the palette as its shared with friends its what we live for.

Its not easy to explain, but if we had to explain who we are in a phrase, we would say that we are: Artists with Diva Imaginations that require us to use Creativity and Artistry to bring the stories we can sense to visuals we can share with those around us. That is what we feel our purpose on this earth is and what makes us happy: To tell stories and bring magic to the world.  

Behind the Magic